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Competition for the best draft project of the Holocaust Memorial in Bila Tserkva

The Jewish community lives on the territory of the city for many centuries, building it together with Ukrainians and representatives of other ethnic groups of the city.
During the Second World War, the Nazis attempted total destruction of Jews in our city, as well as in the whole of occupied Europe. A small number of Jews found the opportunity to evacuate their families. Most of them stayed in the city. Their destiny was determined.
With the beginning of the occupation of the Bila Tserkva mass shooting of Jews began. The shootings took place in several places. These were terrible events in which thousands of women, men, elderly people and children were innocently killed.
One of the mass shootings is striking by its roughness. We are talking about ninety children aged from a few months to nine who were kept for several days without food, water, care, and then were shot. This tragedy occurred in August 1941. The terrible episode was included in all the directories on the history of the Holocaust. He is known throughout the world as one of the first mass shootings of Jewish children in Ukraine.
True official information about the event of August 1941 can be found on the following pages:
website of the Jerusalem Museum of Holocaust History "Yad Vashem" under the link
From December 21, 2017 to March 16, 2018, an open competition for the best draft project of the Holocaust Memorial in  Bila Tserkva is held.
Output data of the competition are added:
1.Program and Terms;
2. Copy from the city's situational plan at scale 1: 2000;
3. Territorial-geodetic plan of the territory at scale 1: 500 with drawing of planning restrictions concerning red lines and lines of regulation of building;
4.Photophication of the land plot located in the north-westernpart of Torgovaya Square, in front of the residential building №1 / 12 on the Ivan Soshenko St. (former name of Varinsky St.).
Information is saved in the following archive.

"Bila Tserkva. Shoa. Shot Childhood "

D6K 3331

The presentation of the documentary - feature film "Bila Tserkva. Shoa. Shot Childhood " took place in the cinema named after Dovzhenko on January 29 at the Bila Tserkva - on the occasion of the International Day of Holocaust Remembrance. In the Bila Tserkva, during the tragic events of the Holocaust, 7 thousand people died. The film included archives, interviews with people who survived the Holocaust, and with witnesses of those horrible events. Some of these people were present at the cinema. During the presentation of the film, the Chief Rabbi of Ukraine and Kyiv Moshe Reuven Azman, addressed the audience. He said that in the Jewish community virtually no families that would not have lost their relatives during this terrible genocide. The present generation must do everything possible so that it does not happen again. The plenipotentiary of the Embassy of the State of Israel, Director of the Israeli Cultural Center in Ukraine Olga Polischuk attended the event. She noted that the whole world inclines its heads to every person who became a victim of a terrible genocide. The initiator of the film was the executive director of the Jewish community of the Bila Tserkva Natella Andriushchenko. The film was created to raise awareness of the events of those times. Before watching the film, the memory of the victims during the Holocaust was honored with a minute of silence. The Jewish religious community "Mitsva" rewarded the gratitudes and flowers of all the members of the public who joined the film. In particular, it is a private entrepreneur, philanthropist Vadim Kushnir, the director Mykola Druzhkov, historians and ethnographers Sergei Burlak and Yevhen Chernetsky. The press office of the Bila Tserkva City Council reported. Materials from the site https://www.04563.com.ua/news/1938624

D6K 3636

A New Social Project Has Started

We are very happy to share the good news - a new social project has started in our Jewish community.
The most vulnerable members of the community became a focus group of this project: single, disabled and desperately need the elderly people. Due to various life circumstances people are on the brink of survival, and they are prisoners of loneliness. Our social project will surround them with care and attention. Participants of the project will not only be fed and warmed; they will be able to find a new circle of friends, to diversify their everyday lives by pleasant socializing and joy.
Comfortable and spacious apartment is equipped for the convenience of project’s participants, hot lunches and communication will be organized too. Everybody can meet Shabbat on Friday. A lot of useful things the curators of the project can make for the people who are deprived of attention and support over the years.
The opening of the project was not lush and pompous, but it was full of cordiality and warmth, hearfulness and mutual understanding - all that gives people a sense of security.
Executive Director of the Jewish community Natella Andriushchenko thanked the participants for the confidence, presented the curators - Galina Bilichenko and Victoria Grisiuk, on behalf of the Jewish community Natella gave Hanukiia as a present. Community vocal ensemble under the direction of Janna Rudyanskaia gave a small concert of Jewish songs.
The inspirer and sponsor of a new social project became an American Maecenas Don Horwitz. And tomorrow on Shabbat children from the Kalaniot project organized by him come to visit the elderly. This will be a memorable meeting of two generations, the care of whom took over Mr Horwitz.

In Search of Truth

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

In recent years in Ukraine increase the frequency of the cases of denial the Holocaust or underestimation of the scale of the tragedy of the Jewish people during the Second World War. Increasingly it can be traced in the social networks, which have become a full-scale platform and an instrument of propaganda.
At the same time, we realize that it is happening due to the lack of information and unavailability of information that often entails an untrue statement or substitution. The worst of all is the situation when public figures - politicians, civil society activists, teachers of history - in short, those who have authority in society, form the public opinion by distorting information.
Put up with such situation is impossible, if there are facts and we evaluate them impartially.
Bila Tserkva is a cosmopolitan city that has a rich history. It is very important for us that the national consensus in our hometown was based on mutual respect, tolerance and acceptance of the historical truth.
For this purpose the initiative group of volunteers from among researchers - historians, professionals was organized for the search, systematization and further dissemination of truthful historical information about the pages of the Jewish history in Bila Tserkva. The platform for this work will be the city Tolerance Center established in the EC "Mitsvah-613" and the Jewish community of the city. The results of the group’s work, monthly reports will be publicly available through the media, social networks, periodicals, public readings, training seminars, etc.
One of the priorities is a memorial sign at the site of the first shooting of children during the Second World War, which took place in August 1941 in Bila Tserkva. This terrible event is known all around the world, and we must pay tribute to 90 tortured innocent children ...
We believe in the effectiveness of the started work and urge everyone who is not indifferent to join us. We will be very grateful for any help, participation and support.

The Chairman of the Jewish community in Bila Tserkva A.Podolskiy

The principal of the EC "Mitsvah-613" N.Andriuschenko

In The Oscar Style

Our congratulations to all pupils, teachers and parents with the end of the school year! “Last Bell” celebration gathered all worshipers of the educational complex "Mitsvah-613" on the solemn ceremony. Frankly speaking, it was not the simple ceremony, but the whole action with the original story, the prologue and epilogue. The main characters were children. Their goal was to become successful. The teachers` task was to help the main characters to succeed. Culmination was the presentation of "Oscars". It was held in various categories. Under a storm of applause from the audience on the "red carpet" went out:
- 23 excellent pupils,
- 7 winners of the urban subject`s Olympiads,
- 3 winners of regional Olympiads,
- 1 winner of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad
- 1 winner of the city, regional, national stage of the scientific papers` defense of the Junior Academy of Sciences of Ukraine,
- 3 winners of the competition of fine arts named after Soshenko,
- 1 participant with a special prize of the 5th All-Ukrainian contest "Moral Act".
Pupils, who were able to demonstrate their abilities and talents in the international projects, were greeted with applause:
- Participation in the international competitions in the Jewish traditions, history and geography among schools of the "Hevtsiba" program.
- Participation in the International competition "Masa Shorashim" with the support of "Hevtsiba" program of the Israel Ministry of Education.
- Participation in the International School of the studying the cultural and historical heritage of the Jewish people in the project "The history of my family."
- Two winning places at the 15th International Competition "History and Lessons of the Holocaust" at the Ukrainian Center for Holocaust’s Studies.
And applause again: this time to the graduates of primary school, ninth graders! They “pass the baton” to favorites of the Graduation 2015 to the eleventh graders! It was they who brought the Jewish school in second place in the city at the Independent Testing on the Ukrainian language!!! Around these stellar characters, flashes of cameras twinkled for a long time ...
Twisted story came to the end. Jubilant faces of the main characters were in focus, parents` tears of happiness! Happy end! The continuation of the story is waited at the next season!
Talking about the “Last call” ceremony in the EC "Mitsvah-613" in a word is a futile exercise. After all, what words don’t select, it is fail to convey the mood and flavor of the holiday. We are better to see once than hear a hundred times!

Short news

This weekends our children visited orphanage "Zlagoda". Our children from "Kalaniot" made delicious biscuits and cakes themselves, also shared their things with orphans. That visit was incredible. Every small child has own long history. We were there not so long, but we liked them and we became friends.

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Навчально-виховний комплекс "Міцва-613"